[[aksdnjfhjbgjtb Uraniaaaa!! she’s here!]]

Were you waiting for me? 

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It is upmost excellent to see you, dear sister. Finally brought your mind from the stars to be around?

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clio-tow said: *nods* Clio's in Greece with her boyfriend and Aoede is traveling with Jezzy.

*nods herself* I am glad to hear that they are having a good time until the fall arrives once more.

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clio-tow said: Thankfully, none of our sisters have caused any trouble.

That is very good. They have been about enjoying the summer, I see.

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clio-tow said: We're Greeks, Mel. Once one situation has been resolved two others arise in its place. No, they're not easy, but he's more than capable of handling it. He's got a good head on his shoulders. *smiles*

By everything, dear sister, you have never been more right.

That is acceptable to my ears. We all have faith in him, so he shall do well. Have the other sisters caused trouble I seem to have missed?

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clio-tow said: Hmm. Not really. *pats her head gently* Sometimes there are situations that are out of our control. Don't worry about it too much. He is well.

*gives a simple shrug and then sits next to, trying to make her emotions lighter around her sister, butlolshe’sforeveremo*

Well. At least most of these situations have been resolved. I usually get headaches from so much tragedy. *shakes her head* I suppose his new tasks are not easy at best to adjust to.

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clio-tow said: *smiles a bit at her response, opening her arms for a hug* There's nothing wrong with asking. I am as well as I can be at the moment. I trust your first year as a student of Lyonessa went well?

*leans down and puts arms around her older sister in the usual Mel-fasioned hug* No, I suppose there is not. But it must be tiresome getting the same answer every time.

It went wonderfully. Better than I expected. Though I don’t believe I…fulfilled my duties as much as I have hoped.

How is Apollo?

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-startled, blinks at her.- …Mon nom est Louis Midou. Un plaisir de vous rencontrer aussi. *blinks back passively* Louis Midou. Mon nom est Melpomène. Vous semblez surpris que je parle votre langue.
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clio-tow said: *walks into Mel's room, taking a seat on her bed.* How are you, Mel? Is everything alright?

*stands by the door quietly, before closing it and then taking a few steps closer*

Everyone seems to ask me this. I have grown used to it after the first hundreds of years. *smiles at* I am well, Calliope. There really is nothing to report.

And you?

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clio-tow said: *knocks on her little sister's door* Melpomene? May I come in?

*looks up suddenly, standing up and walking over to the door to greet her older sister*

Yes of course you may, Calliope. *makes a small smile and holds open the door for her*

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Bonjour, mademsoille. C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer. Quel est votre nom?
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